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Opinion: Housing (aka Human Settlements)

December 30, 2012

[Opinion] If every black person living in an urban or peri-urban setting was to join the expanding middle class (as envisaged by NDP), there wouldn’t enough “surburbs”!

So it (logic) follows that the “townships” of today need to transformed to the “surburbs” (sustainable communities) of tomorrow!

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  1. We do need to transform and upgrade existing townships. I also believe that increasing urbanization will require some new areas to be developed. Good agricultural land on the outskirts of cities and towns is an invaluable resourse that no other country uses for low density housing. Turkey is housing millions of low income rural people, in high density residential areas consisting of modern 6-12 storey multi tennant units. I will post links to photos later.


  2. Govt wants every household to have ACCESS to broadband by 2020. Access in this case includes shared access to public Internet facilities such as libraries, Internet cafes and telecenters. The broadband envisioned here, is not costly mobile broadband. It is low cost fixed broadband, whether wireless, copper or fibre.

    Providing broadband directly to homes is very costly if low density housing is used. With high density housing, broadband to the home is viable for lower income citizens. In the case of copper or fibre, costs are prohibitive for low density housing.


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