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Transformations, top African trends of 2012, and what 2013 holds By LEE MWITI (Date: Sunday, December 30  2012  Source: African Review)

January 1, 2013

Since March, 80 of the estimated 130 mobile money transactions globally have been in Africa, with their total worth already in the tens of billions of dollars, and astonishingly, still growing.

These and other discernible trends in 2012 pointing to a continent relentlessly pushing the economic growth frontiers — and as a destination for new investment and the simply outlandish returns on risk — suggest that Africa really is the happening region that has been portrayed in such glowing terms in the media, a sort of Africa 2.0 if you like.

As we show in this report, in addition to the economy, there are other areas where extraordinary changes are taking place, from governance to the arts, health, and renewable resources.

Africa watchers would do well to look out for these areas going into 2013:

* The rise of technocrats in government

* The comeback of insider biographies and exposes

* Mobile money moves out from Kenya

* The rise of lifestyle diseases

* The march towards the African Standby Force

* Hydrocarbons and the rise of resource nationalism

* Much ado about African urbanisation

* Movies and more: The resurgence of arts festivals

* Greening Africa: The turbines turn

* Secessionist movements: The carrot and the stick

* Women in business: Good, and bad news

* Emboldened: Political art, for which presidents are fair game

* African Economy: continuing to better the odds

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