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MODILA: Museum of Design, Innovation, Leadership & Art

January 5, 2013

MoDILA is the first large-scale institution and iconic museum of African contemporary visual art and design in South Africa that engages local and international audiences.
MoDILA is established in response to the need for an international scale, continuous flagship cultural event space with an African focus and to locate Cape Town as a global hub for design and innovation and societal leadership studies…

It is committed to cultural exchange; and incorporates existing public spaces and locates new and site-specific spaces to create a unique visitor experience centred on discovery and encounter

Problem statement: Cape Town and South Africa lacks an exemplary and iconic platform for innovation and design that has global significance. Cape Town is poorly networked to the world in the design and innovation space and needs to establish a presence for cultural and economic growth. Cape Town’s tourism offering needs to diversify and be competitive with other coastal creative cities and leverage cultural production and human capital for long term sustainability.

Assets: Cape Town is well positioned to emerge as a global leader in the southern hemisphere for design, leadership studies and innovation. Cape Town has a strong educational and scenic context and can be a pivotal link for a South-South, North-South economic and cultural dialogue. Cape Town has a viable tourism and cultural sector that has room for growth.

Solution: Create an iconic museum and education platform with associated urban renewal projects in a globally attractive design, entrepreneurial and leisure precinct.

Whereas South Africa has emerged as a regional leader of science, technology and creative industries, the backlog of education across design, innovation, entrepreneurial development and the arts has hindered the organic and accelerated growth of our knowledge economy in global terms. Further to this, the nation and the region is an underperformer in terms of impactful broad based social capital, and remains an innovation ‘imitator,’ as opposed to innovation’ initiator.’

It is recognised that novel education techniques involving passive, experiential; and contact learning through display, instruction and interaction with the environment is a fundamental approach to creating future creative entrepreneurs that are geared towards strengthening the knowledge economy through innovation and design. The potential for South Africa and the Western Cape to play a global leading role in design and innovation is vast and untapped; and hinders job creation, social development and cultural cohesion.

MoDILA is a trust that offers educational programs that raise awareness, train and inspire the public; and offers an interactive multimedia platform for design, innovation, and entrepreneurship and art studies. These programs are to be distributed and have effect across the city and region as an ongoing objective using existing and new social infrastructure in partnerships or in isolation. Through education MoDILA will create a culturally productive design and art conscious public to support an ongoing entrepreneurial and innovation revolution for the betterment of South Africa, and the world at large.

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