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#KasiEconomics: The 123 kids

January 31, 2013

#EkasiEconomics: The 123 kids

In a damning indictment of the Eastern Cape Education Department, one primary school in Pearston has been forced to squash a staggering 123 young pupils into a single classroom because of the crippling teacher shortage


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  1. cvheerden permalink

    Unbelievable. Am seriously considering finding sponsors to take a delegation of the ministry of education to Europe to see a responsible, fully state funded, state of the art working education system. I have discovered that merely talking about it to those in charge is not helping while they have no picture in their minds of how it should be. It is shocking that south Africa is currently ranking #143 among 144 nations regarding quality of education. It is NOT difficult to fix it. It would just take a mindset that agrees putting tax money into private mansions =bad, educating, paying and supervising teachers well = good.


  2. A school in a nearby village had 97 Grade 6 learners in a mobile classroom last year (impossible to move around in), and a school near Vryburg in NW Province had over 100 learners in Grade R in a single class. Makes me appreciate only teaching a Grade 5 class of 62….which was still nearly impossible. The class sizes are one of the biggest problems in the SA education system. You can give a school as many resources as you want, but if there are simply too many kids in one class, none of it will help!


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