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Big girl has big fashion ambitions

July 7, 2013

IT’S said that big girls don’t cry and fashion designer Ouma Tema is the personification of that old saying.

The owner of Plus-Fab, the fashion label for the curvy woman, has not let society’s obsession with skinny turn her into a wallflower.

“When I was young, my mom would tell the sales lady to give me the biggest size while my sister was spoiled for choice,” she recalls.

“For me it was never about finding something fabulous in a different colour. I just had to find what fitted. That drove me up the wall.”

“I’m fat but I never felt fabulous. I’m born in this body; this is the only one I have. Not embracing it made me miserable.”

But Ouma (29), who hails from Namakgale township, in Limpopo, finally became comfortable in her own skin.

“I committed to loving and embracing myself. You have to convince yourself that you are fabulous despite what the magazines say.”

She started making her own clothes.

“The fashion shops kept giving me lemons, so I decided to make myself some lemonade.”

Tema launched her label two years ago and named it Plus-Fab because she wanted a name bigger women could embrace with pride.

Last month, she scooped the Fashion Guru Award at the Sylbna Style Awards.

“I hope that one day every girl my size will feel sexy in her own body in a Plus-Fab number,” said Ouma.

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