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Daily bread helps fight hunger in Gugulethu

July 21, 2013

CAPE Town businessman Peter Motale and Gugulethu residents have called on businesses, non-governmental organisations and people to join forces in the fight against poverty in the area.

Residents of the sprawling township wait in long queues to get bread supplied by the Motale Family Trust Bread Programme.

Motale, 64, co-owns the trust with his wife Cora, a dean of students at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology.

“We give bread to about 160 families every Monday. Bread is not enough because more and more people are coming to our offices looking for food,” said Motale.

He said it was critical that all businesses, NGOs and people should declare war on poverty. The Motales started the programme in March last year and have helped many residents in Gugulethu.

“There is still a long way to go because many residents are unemployed or pensioners. We appeal to all those who can help to contribute to the programme,” he said.

Motale said residents who wanted to benefit should register.

Pensioner Grace Manga, 70, said life would be very difficult without the trust.

“There is no breadwinner in my family, so the trust plays a huge part in our lives,” Manga said.

She said she would like to get two or three loaves of bread every day because one loaf was not enough for her big family.

Manga added that she would like to see businesses, NGOs and other people contribute to the programme.

“I think they should continue so that more destitute people like us can benefit,” she said.

Thobeka Buzani, 59, said Motale started the programme after he saw the high rate of crime and youth unemployment in the area.

“The programme helps my two school-going children. If many of the young people around can get jobs, the high crime levels can be reduced,” she said.

Jeremiah Njoli, 61, always shares a loaf of bread with unemployed neighbour Mbuyiseli Ncedani, 51.

The two share a loaf because they are not on the list of beneficiaries nor had they registered for aid.

“Though my children benefit from the feeding scheme at their school, the Motale programme helps to feed me and my neighbour Mbuyiseli,” Njoli said.

Njoli added that he would also like to get soup from the programme. He urged local businesses to join forces with the Motales.

“I am sure that if they all joined forces, we would get more than bread. They probably would be able to give us soup and other goodies too,” said Njoli.

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