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[Opinion] The young black man as a product (Source:

July 31, 2013

What is a brand? “A brand is the idea or image of a specific product or service that consumers connect with”. I believe in this modern day a brand encompasses everything the company stands for. Some say brands such as Apple are synonymous with those that are in higher class bracket. Apple has a brand which shouts care, quality, attention to detail, effort and high prices.  

Now Imagine the UK born/raised black man aged 17-28 as a product which you would buy either for your large company or for your small business. And then imagine the newspapers as the advertising agency for that product. Though England has become more multicultural, it does not mean that the races are integrated or even get along.

The newspaper may give the first perception to the reader about what that race is.
Job statistics show black men among all other races have the hardest time securing jobs. Also they are the hardest hit in the current declining  job market.  This is all down to the perception and preconceived thoughts, even by those within the same race. Brand image of our race has been tarnished through our doing and through the doing of the media . A fresh example of this is the black male gang and drug culture that has been highlighted through the media even though this sort of crime exists among other races in the same extent .

Success among black males is seen as rare and what is supposed to be the standard is now an achievement.

Enough complaining, how do we solve this problem? We need our own marketing agency. Reading newspapers like the voice ( yes I still read it) highlights the problem of our tarnished brand image however we are not actively solving the problem . We need a new perception to be made, the new brand should speak words such as hard working, intellectual, open minded, articulate and driven. 

The advertising/marketing campaign should highlight these points within different forms either through video, display ads or word of mouth. The brand should show the value of the product and what unique value it could bring to a potential company if brought.

There have been many products, such as the brand Ray Bans, which have faced hard criticism but have turned themselves around. Ray Bans are a pair of sunglasses that used to sell for $30 at a time but now sells for over $180. Perception marketing is the key to changing around the thoughts and mindsets of people and how they see a product in the market.

Though the advert may work the product still needs to give value, nevertheless the marketing will allow the product to get its foot in the door  to prove his worth.


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