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16 Ways To Stimulate Growth In The Economy (and increase job creation and rates/tax revenue)

October 21, 2013

Here are my thoughts on how our government can support in stimulating growth in the economy, which in turn could lead to job creation and increase rates/taxes revenue from the private sector:

1. Affordable cost to business compliance (special focus on strategic economic sectors)
2. Sector manuals, indicating a clear path to basic sector compliance
3. Incentive support for organized business
4. Dermacated weekend markets
5. Central, open source economic research repository
6. Technology and innovation adoption (especially local innovation)
7. After-school entrepreneurship programmes
8. Red tape reduction
9. Affordable legal services and basic legal templates
10. Banking credit and accessible business funding
11. Bank supported mentorship programmes
12. Marketing support for micro finance, angel investment, government incentives and grant funding programmes
13. Strategic economic infrastructure investments
14. Mapping of economic opportunity in every local area or local authority
15. Access to affordable post school academic programmes
16. Acknowledgment of business achievers

Kindly note: we could extend this list further by including recommendation on labour and global competitiveness.


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