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34 Quotes that got me through 2013

December 26, 2013

A good year is made up of 12 good months, 30 days make it a good month, 4 good weeks make it a good month, 54 good weeks go into a good year, 7 good days in a good week, 24 good hours make up a good day.

The best and only advice I will give you on succeeding in 2014 is this (34 quotes from my 2013 archive):

1) Its only 12 months, take it one month at a time

2) Tune into the pattern of your life and stay focused

3) One of the “Rules to live by” this year (for you) is “Make time for yourself” – pampering and rewarding yourself is all about self awareness, ignition of personal image and the reassurance of your personal path…so remember to take time to reflect, reward, rejuvenate!

3) 12 months ahead…(let’s take it) one month a time…challenges will come, our faith and resolve will be tested…but it still remains “one month at a time”

4) Create businesses that harness your values

5) Lesson of the day (for the young ones): Success can be achieved through deliberate and purposeful action…

6) “Like babies, adults learn by repetitive mimicking” for example, “personal discipline” is LEARNT through REPETITIVE ACTION!

7) There is no “clear path” to success, if it feels right, go for it!

8) At the beginning of every new year, the universe gives you permission to re-invent yourself

9) Focus on the work and the money will take care of itself – focus on the flowers and the honey will come

10) Real leaders don’t lead by force, but are willingly followed

11) In the opinionated age of Facebook and Twitter, young people are finding it increasingly difficult to follow centuries old advice that has been handed down through the ages/generations. Young brides and young man are no longer able to pause for a moment in their lives and heed the advise of elders (‘ukuyalwa’)

12) The foundation to the success of any society is built on a progressive youth

13) Social media has made success an open secret, time travel possible, opinion relevant

14) for centuries now, sustainable business models have been developed around all of humanities needs and challenges

15) They’re absent during your struggle, but they wanna be present during your success

16) Ask me how many times I have failed first before I found success

17) Your ability to look back and reflect (hindsight), look ahead and dream (foresight), and based on what you see, you look at now and act (insight) will set you well on your path to success

18) We make decision all the time, some are over a period of time others in a split second. Take the time to consider the decision you make that could be material to your success. Its important to realize that its in the quality of decisions you make that you will find success. The bottomline, however, is to DECIDE (damn it)!

19) Would you rather be an ordinary person in extraordinary times or an extraordinary person in ordinary times

20) “Wealth is created, and so is poverty.” – Anonymous

21) “Everyday ask yourself: did I love, did I serve, did I earn” – Siya Mapoko

22) Humanity is full of ideas

23) We live in a world of instant social commentary and of long term archiving

24) Reputation is credibility and ultimately your credibility is your most valuable asset

25) The first 10 steps to you journey is (1) show up (2) on time (3) be passionate (4) be honest (5) be open to learning and guidance (6) be interested (7) stay focused (8) stay hungry (9) bar death, nothing is impossible (10) manage your emotions and your energy!

26) Work = Time, Time = Value, Value = Money…Use your TIME to do VALUE creating WORK, so you can earn decent MONEY!

27) Don’t let someone who gave up on their dreams talk you out of yours

28) Life is not measure by age or accomplishments, but by a fulfillment of ones sense of purpose

29) Man is not an island, we all have people who are our mirrors and even if you like to ignore them they have an impact in your life

30) It takes a sustainable network to create lifelong net-worth

31) As black South Africans nourish their revolutionary consciousness with Western largesse, they will begin to take their lives, their culture away and their identities back

32) Experience is shaped by reality and ambition is shaped by possibility

33) Sales is a systemic & deliberate process

34) Stay humble, don’t be intoxicated by their own self-importance


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