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Classic golf for the pride of Umlazi

December 28, 2013

“The inaugural Umlazi Classic aims to take us back to our roots in a unique way, bringing together old and new friends and former neighbours through a distinctly business, leisure and social opportunity for them to reconnect, network, raise funds for a worthy cause and get involved.” says event organiser, Lynette Ntuli.

Umlazi Township, based in the south of Durban, is South Africa’s second largest township and home to over 1.5million residents spread across 26 sections and 9 precincts. Initially established as a set of smaller resident’s blocks for black residents under the Group Areas Act, by 1967 it had been fully consolidated and recognised as a township. In spite of its oppressed roots and history, Umlazi is home to many progressive firsts and the birthplace of several inspirational, hard working South Africans who today are leaders in various sectors of public, corporate and entrepreneurial life in our country.

Amongst the firsts Umlazi and its residents proudly boasts about:

The only township in South Africa with its own unique number plate – “NUZ”
Its own independent university campus, star rated hotel, vibrant night life, cinema, some of the best performing schools and did we mention…a golf course?

With this proud heritage, it has become more and more relevant that we actively and creatively seek channels to pay it forward for those who have since achieved success in their individual rights, and plough back inspiration, resources and empowered initiatives into the township of our birth.

Today, Umlazi like many townships and communities around South Africa is a mirror of two realities.

The first is that of poverty, inadequate infrastructure, high levels of unemployment, youth without meaningful role models and access to means to establish their futures and relatively low levels of innovation and large scale industrial, entrepreneurial activity.

The second is that of rapid growth in populations, incomes, traffic, commercial and retail development and all the marks of urbanisation.

This golf event is part of the week long festivities of the upcoming Umlazi Week; due to start on the 27th December 2013. The celebration is a week of a series of events aimed at showcasing the arts and culture, sports, tourism and economic assets of Umlazi.

Today we know it as Comtech – Umlazi’s top achieving high school with a consistently held 100% Matric pass rate over many years – but once upon a time its rolling grounds and sea views were home to the Umlazi Golf Course!

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