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Presidential Youth Jobs & Skills Indaba

March 21, 2014

Notes from the Presidential Youth Jobs & Skills Indaba

Day 1

* Programme Director: Obed Bapela (Deputy Minister Presidency)

* Ekurhuleni mayor (Mondli Gungubele)
– 3.1 million
– 36% youth unemployment
– 28 – 39% regional unemployment
– Prasa Nigel Investment
– community development program (R1m for 101 wards)
– 40% youth in Ekurhuleni
– experiential skills program

* Speech by Dep. President (Colins Chabane)
– 78% of youth unemployed
– 3.6 – 3.8m youth unemployed
– 230 000 degree, 1.2m matric, 1.7m no matric
– 33% in Gauteng
– 50% women
– social security? social capital? social protection? social partners of youth accord?
– 12.1% post grad
– 40.5% tertiary
– FET 90% increase (12 new campuses) – 650 000
– youth employment accord
– education & training (gap group)
– work exposure (work readiness)
– public sector employment (youth brigade)
– youth targets set asides (BPO, Green, Manufacturing)
– youth entrepreneurship & coops
– private sector incentives/ demand- focused youth absorption
– Harambee Youth Employment Accelerator
– labor dualism (lacks )
– decent work & survival activities (decent work deficits)
– – Millennium Declaretion/ Copenhagen 1996

– youth bulge can no longer be ignored
– demographic window of opportunity vs. disaster ( to heavy for the state to carry those on social grants)
– Presidential Youth Indaba Resolutions (12-15 points)

* Ebrahim Patel
– 6.1 m youth in employment
– last 9 months, 420 000 youth employed ( biggest increase in 18 months)
– 210 000 Gauteng, 100 000 Western Cape, 74 000 Mpumalanga
– 45% to matric, 18% graduates
– 128 000 construction, 90 000 community services, 70 000 business services
– 50 000 lost in manufacturing and agriculture
– 25% women
– internships: 19 000 tracked
– EPWP & CWP: 353 000, Tshwane Tshepo: 10 000
– Directive of 80% of new jobs in BPO go to youth, Public Infrastructure (construction)
– National Infrastructure Plan: 645 projects
– IDC & SEFA R2.7billion
– R10m Mabhida Youth Owned Cooperative Fund
– DTI youth enterprise development strategy
– SHamba Sonke Road Building

– Strategic Integrated Programme (SIP)
– mineral resource local beneficiation 60%

* Sdumo Dlamini
– local procurement accord: 70%
– national minimum wage (eradicate casualised labor)
– COSATU’s new growth path for full employment

* Jacko Maree (DP: BUSA)
– the consequence of business growth is employment creation
– attracting the brightest and most talented young people to the economy

* Nicola Galombik (Harambee)

* Tommy Madikoto (SA Graduate Dev Assoc)

* Siviwe / Kenny Morolong / Yershen Pillay (NYDA)
– Youth Build (Human Settlement)

* Oupa Nkagisang (AngloGold Ashanti)
– work integrated learning
– partnering with Star Schools

* Thamsanqa Maqubela / Thulani Tshefuta (SAYC)

Day 2
* Programme Director: Hlengiwe Mkhize (Deputy Minister Economic Development)

* Panel on Youth Entrepreneurship, Incentives and Cooperatives

* Rob Davies (Minister of Trade and Industry)
– directorate youth enterprise development (broadening participation)
– 80% BPO set aside (operational expenditure) R470m FDI, 8500 jobs
– roll out of incubation programme
– SEDA must double incubation
– BBBEE supplier development
– support of collective enterprise (cooperatives), new cooperative support agency

* Geoffrey Qhena (CEO, IDC)
– signed an MOU with SEFA and NYDA
– created a collaborative fund of R1billion, funds startups and expansions
– provide enterprise support with SEDA & NYDA

* Thakani Makhuvha (CEO, SEFA)
– direct lending channel
– 30%, R1.7 billion over 5 years for youth
– funding holidays up to 12 months
– funding provided adverse credit records
– youth encouraged to drive productive sectors ( manufacturing and productive sectors)

* Thapelo Maleke (SA Youth Chamber of Commerce- SAYCC)
– NYDA must go back to its program to support entrepreneurship
– support commitment 4 and commitment 5 of the Youth Accord
– youth entrepreneurship campaign 2020 (start with NYDA)
– create 1 million entrepreneurs
– entrepreneurship awareness
– access to business support
– legislation

* Vic van Vuuren (International Labor Organisation- ILO)
– creative solutions are needed
– country specific solutions
– employment through economic development
– school to work integration
– disadvantaged youth through labor market support
– maintain labor standards
– Free State pilot in 60 schools with entrepreneurship subjects
– FET colleges with entrepreneurship programmes
– SA jobs crisis not being taken serious by private sector

* Khathu Ramukumba (NYDA)
– entrepreneurship activity level in SA is the lowest in SADC
– Grant funding programme

* Panel on Public Employment Schemes

* Thulas Nxesi (Minister of Public Works)
– Public Infrastructure Programme
– working for water
– permanent employment for maintenance
– Commission on all public employment initiatives
– implementation through multi partner entities
– lack of coordination of municipal projects
– NEDLAC social partners: different stipends
– key education linkages: Community Colleges & FET colleges
– coordinated infrastructure plan: police, home affairs, social development

* Tsenoli (Minister of Local Government)
– 204 000 in public employment programmes
– 58% women, 52% youth
– information being made available through Thusong Centre and Coalition of Advice Services
– fragmentation of government agencies and need for coordination within government

* Muziwakhe Sigudla (Southern African Youth Movement)
– supporting youth in CWP
– chapter 3 and chapter 11 of National Growth Path
– EPWP targets 2% of youth
– public employment must contribute to youth development practice
– set standards of youth employment
– more youth need to be involved in the implementation of CWP

* Mlamile Sibanda (COSATU)
– public employment schemes must guarantee decent work
– public employment schemes must guarantee permanent employment
– NEDLAC: reskilling of unemployed impacted by 2008 global recession
– funding of Ditsila
– COSATU needs to be an exemplary employer
– provide internship opportunities

* Blade Nzimande (Minister of Higher Education)
– mandate of post school education & training (PSET)
– expand access to education and training for the youth
– public universities (25), public FET (50), Adult Education Centres (Community Colleges), SETAs (21), National Students Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS), National Skills Fund
– Council of Higher Education (CHE), SAQA, National Artisan Moderating Body, Quality Council on Trades and Occupations, Human Resources Development Strategy for SA, National Skills Authority
– university access increase 19% to 1 000 328
– infrastructure: R6billion, student housing R2.3billion, R1.1billion maintenance
– Sol Plaatjie 7000 students, Mpumalanga 16733 students, new Health & Allied Sciences university
– 12 rural community colleges and 2 refurbishments
– R2.5 billion in national skills fund
– R9.6 billion targeting 445000 students for NSFAS
– R68 million allocated to students with disabilities
– 2030 FET colleges must be at 3 times the size of universities
– 4 FET colleges identified to train 12000 motor mechanics
– 2014 – 2024 The decade of the artisan
– turn every workspace into a training space
– allow government to be a training space for lawyers (too many unemployed LLB graduates)
– FET college and university articulation

* Tamera Campbell (Harambee)
– 40 private sector partners with over 200 corporate engagements
– youth employment with DBSA
– 85% change of lifelong permanent employment
– beneficiaries developed social networks
– work access and success
– engaged 4500 young people
– thrive in the work environment
– progress in work environment for others
– remain to come in employment over 12 months
– what do employers want
(1) employers want Mathis
– training support differs between retail and financial services
– Harambee has 5000 young people assessed monthly
– conduct entry level numeracy testing
(2) employers want fluency in English
– achieved through practice, practice, practice
– sectoral needs of conversational language
– 1/60 in BPO sector meet conversational needs of international clients
(3) work behaviour
– 60% living on social grants
– 90% live on no income
– lack familiarity of working world
– simulating various work environments
– Bridging Centre treated as learning workplaces

– improve value of interaction with customers leads to better support from employer
– 5080 young people placed in the past 3 years
– track retention
– 90% lost in BPO sector
– 35% attrition rate in hospitality sector

* Adam Habib ( Vice Chancellor of Wits)
– FET Colleges need to grow 10 fold to cover demand
– R22billion university government subsidy
– R15billion shortfall (universities need R37billion)
– we need to be imaginative about funding quality tertiary education
– government has supported BEE to the turn of R850billion
– BEE has seen approx. 4-5% return to economy
– 20% of BEE scorecard should targeted to fund education
– link training and skills development to transformation
– University textbooks bought overseas
– textbooks should be bought collectively
– no VAT should be charged on textbooks
– Differentiate tertiary education
– in US only Ivy League universities are recognized research universities
– SA runs the risk of not training or developing academic needs to support the country’s development agenda
– Path to employment
– need for mentorship
– you can not have a ready made graduate
– regulate mentorship for private sector
– Campus Marches
– don’t destroy property
– a university has diverse views (respect the right to protest)

– Why is our government contracting overseas universities to conduct research into our country and not partnering with our own universities to conduct government research
– SA universities need to be committed to development agenda of the country (don’t only train students for advance economies)

* Makano Morojele (NBI)

* Thembinkosi Josupu (SAYC)
– Skills mismatch
– driven private sector
– demand side high, uncertainty on supply side and absorption

– Internship and Learnership
– no monitoring
– learnerships are a revolving door in and out of unemployment

– Post school
– recognition of Prior Learning or skills developed should count towards academic record

– charge interest whilst student still studying
– effective family contribution unfair

– Registration fees are an impediment to access to tertiary education

* Luzuko Buko (SASCO)

Day 3
* Programme Directors: Obed Bapela and Hlengiwe Mkhize

* Panel on Rural Development and the Green Economy

* Gugile Nkwinti (Minister of Rural Development and Land Reform)
– transversal: social infrastructure, rural industries
– national youth service corps (NARYSEC)
– 3 months in the SANDF for discipline
– youth development
– young people avoid jobs that are Dangerous, Dirty and Difficult
– rural development in the Eastern Cape also benefiting water expansion, with the development of the Umzuvumbu River Basin
– what was taken away through wars must be returned constitutionally
– restitution law and constitutional law
– budget allocations (25% of base line budget for land development)
– 46% of all land has been acquired in the last 5 years of past the 20 years of democracy
– land reform is a Programme (is on going)
– exceptions of the 1913 natives land act have been introduced
– South Africa’s first green village was built in the Free State
– 40 young people being sent to China to gain skills in solar panel manufacturing
– animal and veld management Programme (Msinga)

* Yershen Pillay (Chairman of NYDA)
– Lesedi manufacturing cooperative
– Siyaphumelela Waste Management
– Zondi Buyback Centre
– turning waste into sustainable livelihoods
– planting of Chinese vegetables
– Mabhida cooperatives fund
– access to information via14 branches, 197 youth development offices (municipal youth directorates – 28 in the Western Cape)

* Ayanda Nakedi (Eskom)
– lack of artisans and engineers
– opened a welding school (150 trainees)
– contracted universities (training and research chairs)

* Poncho Ndebele (SASTELA)
– sustainable development
– unlocking renewal energy opportunities in the economy
– Green Economy Accord & NDP
– Greenpreneurs

* Jan Barrett (COSATU)
– 150 million climate refugees
– 250 million affected by climate change disasters
– active reduction of green house gases and carbon emissions
– economic bias towards a green economy
– forms of productions should towards a social dynamic as opposed to a commercial motive
– small scale food production, green algae, on farm production & processing
– labour intensive and sustainable production models
– 100 000 jobs could be created through locally manufactured solar geysers

* President Jacob Zuma
– SA a youthful country (50% under 39, 33% under 15)
– April 2013 youth employment accord signed in Soweto
– Youth Indaba progress on implementation
– 9 ministers and deputy ministers have spoken
– views of organised labour, business leaders
– 420 000 new jobs linked to construction of infrastructure projects created
– 15 million people are now employed
– 8 million children attend no fee schools (and school feeding schemes)
– 12% hold post graduate qualification (from 7% in 1996)
– we have to build an inclusive economy, that reflects the demographics of the country
– we have to change the ownership control of the economy
– R600 billion BBBEE transactions recorded since 1995
– Amendments to BBBEE Act will transform the ownership and management control of the economy
– need to bridge income inequality (indicates that apartheid legacy looms large)
– young people need to consider their contribution to an inclusive economy
– NDP talks about residents who participate as active citizens
– it’s important for young people to internalize the NDP
– understand your role towards a different country in 2030
– important for a country to walk towards a clear objective
– the freedom charter was the first document to give clear national objective, proclaiming a country for all South Africans and the will of people
– how do we change this country to be a prosperous country ( we may differ but the objective is to arrive at the destination – of a prosperous nation)
– NDP: IPIP & National Growth Plan
– 6 million work opportunities for the next 5 years (2014-2019)
– urge young people to live healthy lifestyles (HIV/Aids, drug & substance abuse)
– want a good future, build it today
– youth accord is a joint vision, we must work hard to implement it
– convene at least once a year a meeting of the youth presidential working group
– youth of SA are more active than any in the world
– theory and practice if not put together can be dangerous for he country
– when we talk about we talk about your time, but you need to prepare (work for it)
– together we shall move South Africa forward
– one feels fulfilled with Hope, that SA will move forward
– the youth must dream…dream about a prosperous nation…it will come true…the key point – work for it
“Our youth…our future”…”We are the youth…no one can stop us”

Edna Molewa (Minister of Water and Environmental Affairs)
– we have a huge task ahead of us
– short, medium and long term vision for environmentally sustainable climate change, resilient, low carbon economy
– government has resilience plan available on the department website
– national strategy for sustainable development and action
– national waste management strategy
– 2015 target
– focus on redefining waste and recycling
– 2600 beneficiaries targeted
– green economy plan
– job resilience plan
– NEVA sector climate change response
– climate change response policy
– transitioning into the green economy, minimize impact on the economy, people and livelihoods
– green building and built environment
– carbon emission reduction
– the time for the green economy is now
– alternative energy: use of clean coal
– in the energy mix we have various alternative energy options
– resource conservation and management: wetlands, fire
– sustainable waste management
– food production and forestry
– water management: sustainable production
– research, awareness skills development, social capital
– design of sustainable resource use
– design of energy efficient human settlement and housing density
– 1 million solar water heaters
Alignment to Youth Accord
– education and training
– youth in climate change awareness
– work exposure
– groot sebenza jobs fund (800 youth – biodiversity)
– youth jobs in waste (3500 youth)
– wastepreneur programme (2 300 jobs, R100 million Green Fund- DBSA)
– top up funding for job creation and poverty reduction
– youth set aside
– youth enterprise
– development of the green car (4 piloted by department)
– DTI focusing on localized manufacturing of vehicle components
– corporate
– Umzimvubu Dam (Eastern Cape): 6 – 19 dams

*Siyabulela Xaba ( DG at Arts and Culture)
– film contributes R3.5 billion to GDP
– music contributes R2 billion to GDP
– heritage contributes R8 billion to GDP
– language practitioners council

Feedback from Commissions

Commission 1: Education and Training
– scale up NYDA’s 2nd chance matric Programme
– focus on school to work transition
– expand intake by FET Colleges

Commission 2: Work Exposure
– increase number and improve quality of interns (by 5%)
– scale up apprenticeship
– encourage private sector commitment and participation
– enhance participation of labour and youth organizations

Commission 3: Public Sector Measures
– scale up national youth service Programme and standardize stipends
– accounting officers at all levels of government and to produce quarterly reports on youth progress
– sharing of intergovernmental best practice

Commission 4: Enterprise development and Cooperatives
– provide business support
– funding for idea testing
– support linked to opportunities for business and state procurement
– protection of local IP and indigenous knowledge

Commission 5: Youth Set asides
– link youth set asides to BBBEE scorecard
– unitary structure to advocate for access to youth set asides

Commission 6: Private sector measures
– enforce statutes that govern private sector commitment


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