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6 things Jacob Zuma plans to do in his 2nd term

May 25, 2014

President Jacob Zuma’s second term has started with his inauguration at the Union Buildings today. The promises he made during his inauguration speech include:

1. “Today marks the beginning of the second phase of our transition from apartheid to a national democratic society. This second phase will involve the implementation of radical socioeconomic transformation policies and programmes over the next five years.”

2. “Through [the National Development Plan], we will move SA forward to prosperity and success.”

3. “Economic transformation will take centre-stage during this new term of government as we put the economy on an inclusive growth path.

As the National Development Plan outlines, the structure of the economy will be transformed through industrialisation, broad-based black economic empowerment and through strengthening and expanding the role of the state in the economy.”

4. “We will continue to build schools, railways, ports, universities, clinics, colleges, power stations, broadband, roads and more infrastructure around the country. This programme will continue to be the flagship of government.”

5. “To enable us to achieve these key objectives, the performance of the state will need to improve.

Key targets in this regard will be to eradicate corruption and inefficiency in the public service.

We will promote productivity within the public service and ensure much tighter accountability, with firm consequences where there is a failure to deliver services to our people.”

6. “I hereby commit the fifth democratically elected administration to serve our people with humility, commitment and dedication.

We will strive to build a caring society and to be an administration that will serve our people with courtesy, ubuntu and efficiency.”

Source: City Press

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