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[Opinion] Black rage speaks, words by Yolisa Mazonda

September 6, 2014

Black rage is a response to the systemic violence of poverty.

For 500 years we have been singing that freedom song. We are tired of being tired. The previous generation before us has systems in place to trap us into an ideology of silence, education, entertainment, and other tools are used on us to recruit us into following the pervasive logic of capitalism.

We are being recruited to conform to the status quo that oppresses us. We still get inferior education and healthcare.

We are landless, used as cheap labour for big corporate companies, or at retailers, factories and in the mines that are majority owned by foreign capital under the administration of a government which tells us that we are free. By doing this, we have been normalized to accept this as our reality and freedom.

Black Rage is a black woman with critical consciousness who is more than angry at these conditions. I’m mad as hell, and I believe that it will take that black rage for us to wake from the slumber and lull of oppression under a comprador bourgeois government and act.

Black Rage is Yolisa; she is every black girl that is a victim of social violence, patriarchy, white supremacy and capitalism.


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