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[Opinion] It’s time Cape Town told the story of its future

September 14, 2014

It’s Sunday morning, 14 September 2014:

Woke up this morning with a thought…

…in this age reading and (mostly) writing…even the EFF has a book now for crying out loud…perhaps it was time that Cape Town tells the story of its “future”. I see a lot of coffee table books of our naturally stunning Mothercity as well as plenty of history books about it’s conquered past, but am yet to see a book written about how Cape Town will one day be recognized as the innovating, green and inclusive city it aspires to be.

…in my thoughts, Bulelwa Ngewana and Rashiq Fataar will the main authors of the book, yet the book will be a collaboration with many others (Andrew Boraine, Alan Winde, Brett Herron, Garreth Bloor, Marius L Fransman , Skye Grove, Lele Mehlomakulu, Shado Twala and even Tony Ehrenreich will contribute something).

The book will be a well researched documentary showcase of vision, leadership, partnership and inspiration for a city we all love.

It will be a book that will bring visitors closer to Cape Town’s future and make residents more invested in their own future. It will tell a story of a diverse group of people living under the shadow of one mountain. It will showcase how the rich fibre of our diversity is the ‘muse’ to our collective creativity and innovation.

Great cities around the world sell the vision of their future. Let’s stop looking backwards, let’s focus on looking ahead, but allow the lessons learnt from our past be the blueprint to our future.

I know that many of us have our own plans, but think it’s time we told the stories that have shaped those plans! #LoveCapeTown

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  1. moragswanepoel permalink

    this sounds like a book i am busy reading “Joburg to Jozi – stories about Afric’s infamous city. Edited by heidi Holland and Adam Roberts.” – it is a collaboration of 1,000 word essays by well known south africans, authors and journalists.


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