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Organised black business should recount it’s failures

October 25, 2014

November month marks my 5th year of involvement in organised black business…

…after 5 years of grunt work, sweat capital and personal sacrifices, I feel I’ve earned the right to give an “educated” view/ perspective of this space (and indirectly the SA economy).

1) I’m not sure what has been more disappointing – a “black” government (executive) or a predominantly “black” parliament (policy) or the much hyped “black middle class”

(Policy making power is undermined by corruption, poor consultation/ engagement, lack of research, government incompetence/ inefficiency and most importantly limited economic knowledge amongst blacks)

2) when the media in SA showcases black Entrepreneurial success, we never get to see anyone “self-made”…we are shown recycled stories of a long line of tenderpreneurs that can trace their success to consistent political patronage…

(Our government wants to produce “black industrialists” by making a call for applications- Eish, what a laugh)

3) during the first or second quarter of 2015, it’s been estimated that the “black middle class” will be more than the entire “white” population in South Africa…I am not sure if this is worth celebrating, because the “black middle class” is yet to make its mark on this country’s economy or any other space where it competes on merit.

(Reminder: 8 out of every 10 people in SA are black Africans)

4) in its many years of existence, organised black business continues to not produce research that speaks to a business model for sustainable black entrepreneurship. What continues to happen is request for more handouts, set asides and meetings about meetings.

I could go on for longer, but choose to let “sleeping dogs lie”. The bottomline is that “organised black business” (like the black middle class) is under resourced: under funded, incapacitated and under prepared to transform the economy.

Quite frankly it is not ready to share the economy, let alone to lead it. ‪#‎KasiEconomics‬

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