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Gugulethu residential development gets nod from city

June 13, 2015

The City of Cape Town’s 2015/16 budget has set aside over R36 million for various upgrades and housing opportunities in Gugulethu.

Councillor Anda Ntsodo said R20 million will go toward the upgrading of streets in Gugulethu, R500 000.00 will be used to upgrade Mpinga Play Park (Old NY 43) while R750 000.00 has been set aside for the installation of an outdoor gym and equipment at Gugulethu Stadium .

A further R15 630 000.00 will go towards delivery of housing opportunities as part of the Gugulethu Infill Project.

“As a caring City, the City of Cape Town is continuing its programme of reconstructing and upgrading the streets of Gugulethu for the benefit of local residents,” said Ntsodo.

He said the upgrades are an “ïnvestement” because unemployed residents will get job opportunities in the Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP).

“ The City is also continuing investment in its Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP).

Residents can access EPWP opportunities by registering on the City’s EPWP Business Contractors and Jobseekers Database.

“ Contractors and workers are then hired from within the communities where projects are being implemented,” he added.

Ntsodo said a process of random selection is followed to ensure that everyone who is registered on the database has a fair chance of being selected.

“ Local residents are encouraged to register on the database, and those already registered are reminded to update their contact details whenever they change,” he said

In ward 41, reconstruction work will commence shortly on the following streets: Albert Shweni Street ((Old Ny 28), Phumlani Street (Old Ny 38), Tony Nondlela Street (Old Ny 148), Albertina Sisulu Street (Old Ny 149), Ubuntu Street (Old Ny 7),

Ruth Hayman Street (Old Ny 24), Khanyisile Street (Old Ny 39), Sakhile Street (Old Ny 40) and Masonwabe Street.

Speed-reducing road humps will also be installed between 1 and 50 Jabulani Street.

“ We are continuing our work to eradicate the legacy of apartheid by applying the policy of renaming streets and public amenities in Gugulethu.

“The use of the term NY (Native Yard) to name our streets and public amenities has been consigned to the dustbin of history.

Residents with any questions or enquiries regarding the above may contact Cllr Ntsodo directly on0835898260 or via e-mail:

Source: City Vision

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