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BoP startup accelerator opens in Cape Town

September 3, 2015

Applications have opened for the New Economy Accelerator (NEA) programme, aimed at assisting businesses in South Africa servicing the low income sector, or base of pyramid (BoP).
Startups serving the low income sector with high social or environmental impact can apply to the New Economy Accelerator by August 27, with the programme running from October 1 until April 30 next year.
The programme is seeking applications from innovative startups in the sectors of agriculture, recycling, waste treatment, financial inclusion, retail and economic inclusion, tech and digital inclusion and renewable energy.

“NEA is a platform for nurturing the emergence of a new economy, one that challenges the status quo to build a more inclusive and sustainable economy,” the organisers said.

“Our mission is to catalyse this new economy so that it can create new opportunities, through the cultivation of relationships, experimenting and changing the realities faced by local communities. We aim to achieve this through an accelerated programme that champions growth, encourages collaboration, advances community, facilitates dialogues, drives scale and rewards global innovation.”

NEA is coordinated by AfriCGE as the African partner of a global movement, and aims to support 50 new economy initiatives over the next three years.

Source: Disrupt Africa

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