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About Us

Kasi Economics is an informative blog that seeks to find solutions to developing South Africa’s township communities and intellectually drives advocacy for economic inclusion.

Amongst isiXhosa speakers the colloquial and slang term for ‘township’ is ‘eKasi’, derived from the Afrikaans term for township or a ‘lokasie’ (loosely translated into English to mean a location).

We work collaboratively (basically anyone with a well articulated view/perspective can make a submission to be published on this blog).

The blog covers facts, observations, opinions, research and global economic analysis of township economics:-
economy, business, education, health, security, transport and housing.

This blog is edited by Mr. Vuyisa Qabaka (Twitter: @vuyisaq)

Continue the discussion by using Twitter hashtag: “#KasiEconomics”

[*] Blog submissions can be sent to – All submitted material will be edited and approved by the editor prior to publishing.

For more information on the editor, check “Our Solutions” (under “Menu” options) or LinkedIn

  1. ecofreecharter permalink

    Vuyisa, Congratulations, I will give my support, it will not always be accepted, but we need to make #KasiEconomics a respected way of life. Our initiative identifies the Township and Rural Economies as a very separate economy to our elite Capitalist Economy, we identify this economy of the Supplementary Economy. This economy must develop and be protected.
    As a supplementary economy we promote that the capitalist economy makes space for the informal trade outside their shop-window, let us take the Maponya Exclusive Books issue, this store would have survived, and book industry developed in Soweto if we allowed a few hawkers to sell second-hand books outside the shop. Even Exclusive Books should have modified this store to dedicate a large section of the store to a typical second-hand reading book-store.
    Keep up the good work.


    • Vuyisa Qabaka permalink

      Cedric, thank you so much for the kind words. I look forward to your contribution to the growth of the blog


  2. cvheerden permalink

    Hi! Just to let you know that I have nominated you for the Liebster Award! go here for all the info:


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